QuickBooks Error Message is The File Exists

QuickBooks Error Message is The File Exists | QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number

Taking into account Intuit policy, the error “The file you indicated can’t be opened. Ensure that it isn’t currently in use by another program or read file. The affiliated Windows error is: The file exists” shows that QuickBooks has experienced an issue perusing a record. There are a few circumstances under which the error encountered. The reason and fix changes with situation QuickBooks Error message is ‘the file exists’

In case if the user is trying to print a form as per Intuit the error is caused by a changed record quality on the file QBPRINT.QBP to any attribute other than a file.

If the error happened in that setting, counsel intuits given resolution steps to fix it.

If the error has occurred in a circumstance other than trying to print a form as indicated by Intuit the error is caused by an issue perusing the business company file or tax document records. The error may happen when running under Microsoft Windows Vista. There are a few reliable fixes:

When a user tries to download payroll updates, paying scheduled liabilities, or opening state or federal form the QuickBooks users come up with following error message: the file exist or the file you are trying to cannot be opened or QuickBooks error message the file exists.

QuickBooks Error Message is  The File Exists

This QuickBooks error is commonly caused by file incorrectly read, to resolve this error user should follow the mention steps below:

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error Message is The File Exists

Step 1:

When QuickBooks shows the file error exist click OK if the error appears again click OK until QuickBooks error resolved.

Step 2:

Close and reopen QuickBooks

Step 3:

Install latest updates to QuickBooks

Step 4:

After installing QuickBooks restart system

Step 5:

Again reopen user QuickBooks as an Administer

Step 6:

Close QuickBooks and restart your computer


If the file error exists occur go for following procedure:


  • Configure system Firewall and Internet security settings for user QuickBooks Desktop.
  • wireless connection usage with download updates can cause surprising results. Consider utilizing a link associated Internet connection when attempting to recover updates.
  • Run Reboot.bat.
  • using clean install reinstall program.


By following given procedure user can successfully resolve ‘QuickBooks the File Exists Error’ in an ideal way. However, if QuickBooks users want to have more information and help for their QuickBooks Error, then a user can dial a toll-free number of QuickBooks Technical Support. If you are dialing our QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1800-961-9635 user will be directly connected with our advanced QuickBooks Technical experts to have a perfect resolution for any QuickBooks Errors including Intuit Data Protection.


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