How to Setup and File Intuit 1099 Forms

What is file 1099 forms | How to Setup and File Intuit 1099 Forms

Intuit QuickBooks introduced QuickBooks customer’s series of 1009 forms; different types of 1009 forms are available.

People trading independently like a dentist, doctors, lawyers, accountants, veterinaries, public stenography, contractors, and subcontractors, they provide their services to independent contractors and the general public, file 1099 form general rule is each individual work as an independent contractor, if payer controls the work results of work will be accomplished.


However, the most commonly used 1009 forms are:


Provides customers with yearend summary of accompanying non-employee compensation that fulfills the IRS entry. Unpaid bills of a company are not added to 1009-MISC, form report check payments and cash from rent, crop insurance procedure, royalties, self-employment, crop insurance etc. QuickBooks track and print e-file 1099-MISC forms and pre-printed forms.


Fora compilation of 1099-MISC form. QuickBooks Support pre-printed form of 1096.


Reports Electronic payment of business, this report is followed by electronic payment companies, not by QuickBooks users. It is for IRS thresholds and non-employee compensations.

How to Setup and File Intuit 1099 Forms | File 1099 forms setup process

Initially setting 1099 file forms in Intuit QuickBooks Desktop, a user first need to know what are IRS guidelines, specify use first whether one is using it asana independent contractor.


QuickBooks file 1099 form setup as an independent contractor:

Step 1:

Operate 1099 form setup in QuickBooks Desktop

Step 2:

Add a contractor in 1099 form setup

Step 3:

Select setup method for the contractor to receive 1099 form

Step 4:

Setup the payment account for contractor


1099-MISC shows contractor and company name in the following pattern:

  • Contractor name
  • Company name
  • Complete name required field: first name, middle name and last name.


Data in these fields are utilized to populate the names on 1099-MISC forms. Here are the possible situations based on what is entered in these fields:

  • The contractor and company names are mentioned in QuickBooks Desktop 1099-MISC software.
  • The contractor name cannot be displayed blank if the left blank error will appear. The user has the option to specify contractor name and can leave the field names blank. And company name must be displayed on the 1099-MISC form.

How to Setup and File Intuit 1099 Forms

How to print file 1099 form?

To print QuickBooks file forms 1099/1096, the user must select single user mode and have pre-printed 1099 or 1096 forms to carry our printing process. Users also have an option of e-file to IRS.

Use QuickBooks Desktop Setup 1099 to verify form 1099 updates and information.

In the QuickBooks Desktop 1099 Wizard, at Step 6: Choose a recording technique, click form 1099s.


After selecting form 1099s, contract clients have displayed the accompanying message, after reading the message, click OK to continue through the print procedure.

Select the date to extend from which the 1099s were paid and click OK.

Select 1099(s) you need to print and tap the Print 1099(s) mentioned button.

Click the Preview 1099 catch before printing to survey and check the arrangement.

Select the 1099(s) to print and snap Print 1099(s).

Click the Print 1096 catch to print 1096.

Printing tips – How to Setup and File Intuit 1099 Forms

If the user has a page-oriented printer, it’s easy to print copies

Try not to order your preprinted shapes before placing them into the printer. Rather, begin by stacking all the Copy 1 forms. After users have printed all the Copy 1 shares for every seller, load and print the Copy 2 frames.

Duplicate a (no perforated) is for the IRS. Duplicate B (punctured) is for the merchants. Each page prints 2 merchants for every page.

An arrangement will request that you select – 1 to cut the print down or +1 to bring the print up. This will lower or raise the print 1/100th of an inch.

If a user having a problem in generating 1099 forms Intuit QuickBooks provides its support center for the assistance of its users gives a call at our QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number 1800-961-9635 our advisors resolve QuickBooks Error proficiently.


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