Resolve QuickBooks Event id 4 got an Unexpected Error 5

Resolve QuickBooks Event id 4 got an Unexpected Error 5

Resolve QuickBooks Event id 4 got an Unexpected Error 5

Cloud computing is used majorly by high scaled enterprises and business to store company file accounts details.  Cloud computing brings QuickBooks users ease of managing their company accounts from any accessible place providing better reporting and also transparency, leading towards advancement in current business accounting.

Today business accounting and management on cloud computing and account management of company accounts and give the opportunity to access one file to multiple authorized users in order to get accurate work easily done.

The user can make files located more than one place, and users can get access over files from multiple systems that are authorized to get access, but recently the major issue raised in accessing source file multiple times and get the error QuickBooks event id 4 got the unexpected error 5.

What is this Error? QuickBooks Event id got an unexpected error 5

Error 5 is actually about the inability of QuickBooks to give access to source files, and error-related in opening source files with may result in malfunction of windows NET framework or 4.0 SP.

The error is keeping QB users from signing in to specific documents and therefore being a problem in the way of their record support. This additionally implies the client who is attempting to open the document right now has no way to the QuickBooks Company record or the QuickBooks source file does not have the best possible coding for the company document location. And the file is not read properly.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Event id got an unexpected error 5

To initiate fixing process QB users make sure to enable the required features of their QuickBooks to make them work errorless,  QuickBooks offers its clients to get access to some data for example files, reports, banking accounts system files etc, to make accounting easy and simple for business users.

This factor is important to allow the QB software to get an access of data pulling sources it needs. This makes QB software to work at the best level and making bugs free for clients.

By given steps, users can get a resolution to this error


  • Select start menu open the system features and program
  • Then Locate the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • uninstall it by highlighting
  • Now user restarts the PC
  • Select start menu again menu user open the Programs
  • Press remove add window features


  • On the Windows Features screen grow the .NET Framework and tick the cases of first and second alternatives on the Microsoft .NET 3.5
  • This will show the .NET Framework once more
  • Again restart the PC


After following, steps and integration users can start to manage accounts with QuickBooks errorless? As the procedure helps in bringing consistent working between the PC and the QB software, the error will be remedied after restarting the PC.

QuickBooks EVENT ID 4 Unexpected error 5 is only a PC and programming issue which can be balanced by the user whenever they need.

This QuickBooks Error is easy to resolve in case if a user is unable to deal with this error we provide our customers with our QuickBooks Support get our support 24/7 at our QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number 1866-556-6315.


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