How to Set Up Employees for Payroll in QuickBooks

How to set up Employees for Payroll in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

How to Set Up Employees for Payroll in QuickBooks

Being a business owner to manage cash flow to employees is tight, as everyone wants to make secure QuickBooks Employee Payroll.

Six requirements users should fill up while making employee payroll in QuickBooks:

  • Employee work history
  • Contact and address
  • Employee additional information
  • Company payroll information
  • Employment information
  • Company workers compensation


How can I add an employee to utilize time data and to make payroll paychecks using QuickBooks?

When you need to assign the employee payroll items regarding time entries developed for purpose of an employee in your QuickBooks, the employee must be given the opportunity to set the time and date to develop the paychecks, you can easily adjust employee paychecks by following the given steps:

  • Step 1

Open your QuickBooks and select the edit the employee window selecting your employee

  • Step 2

At the right to open the edit employee by selecting an employee, after selecting go for compensation and payroll information

  • Step 3

In your QuickBooks payroll information tab, you will check the checkbox displayed that notifies you of the use of time and date to make your employee paychecks


To Activate QuickBooks Payroll items for company employee, you first make sure this checkbox is checked carefully, and also make sure about you have earnings products with their name and rates entries.

  • Step 4

Select Ok to save and close your payroll changes

QuickBooks is not responding to payroll status of the company employee, how to resolve it?

If you have not utilized QuickBooks to input employee setup with time before, QuickBooks display errors what actual payroll setting should be carried out for your company employee, it depends whether the employee utilizes the time entry method to make payroll checks.

Normally this error occurs when a new employee in a QuickBooks though QuickBooks prefer to have the employee payroll inclinations for a representative expressly set previously enabling any activity to be recorded for the company employee.


Adding payroll items and rates of company employees

Every Employee in QuickBooks deals with payroll also termed as Earnings Items, and wage rates in comparison. It is the initial step for adjusting payroll items set up in QuickBooks so as to include time passages for an Employee who is set to “Utilize time information to make paychecks”.

You can also set up company employee payroll for an Employee by follow up following mentioned steps:

  • Step 1

In your QuickBooks software, select edit employee details window company employee

  • Step 2

In the options drop-down select at the highest point of the edit company Employee window, pick Finance and company Compensation Info.

  • Step 3

In the displayed Payroll Information tab, tap on the first row in the case checked company profit. Tap on the down bolt that shows up in the column to choose from your organization’s accessible payroll, or select <Add New> to include another employee payroll.

  • Step 4

Add a selected employee rate for this Employee to precede payroll under Hourly/Annual Rates, according to company finance adjustments

  • Step 5

Select Ok to save and close the employee payroll changes

QuickBooks Support

While managing QuickBooks Employee Payroll is a great deal for business, adding employee payroll is simple and easy by going through given steps, if you are unable to adjust payroll and having an error regarding payroll QuickBooks.

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