QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

What is QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

QuickBooks users sometimes face situations when they come across QuickBooks Technical Errors and inability of your QB web services to function with QBWC is the commonly associated error.

Sometimes QuickBooks web connector acts unable to get the QuickBooks software due to some underlying reasons that cause data exchange failure.

Some major causes of these errors are:

  • The required company file is unable to get found
  • The file you requested cannot be opened currently

If you come across this error, your system web services must be capable to handle the errors proficiently

What is a resolution for QuickBooks Web Connector Errors?

Intuit highly recommends its users to avoid the same QBWC accessing procedure in response to the absolute connection if you come across the same error twice.

If the web connecter error still remains unresolved, you can use Get Last Error to get notified about associated errors.

When your system web services reply with authenticating procedure call QBWC that indicates some company file data is available for exchange with the QBs, for the requesting purpose of the QuickBooks XML request processing following methods are given

  • Open connection
  • Begin sessions

If the above-mentioned methods fail to resolve the error, you will get notified of following messages

  • string strHresult,
  • stricken, string connection Error
  • string strMessage

QuickBooks Web Connector Error 1005

QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

Web connector gets failed because QuickBooks failed to create the log file. Because of some issues, the suggested directory log failed to find if you are current window user you are unable to make directories.

If you come across this situation, you should make sure that current login window has permission to make directories.

  •        QuickBooks web connector error 1006
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1007
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1011
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1016
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1018
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1019
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1020
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1022
  •        QuickBooks web connector error 1023
  •        QuickBooks web connector error 1030
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1032
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1033
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1035
  •        QuickBooks web connector error 1037
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1038
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1039
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1040
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1048
  •         QuickBooks web connector error 1085


How can users install the QuickBooks web connector in their systems?

You make sure first that you have  *.QWC file available from the third party services provided before you precede installation and reinstalling the QuickBooks web connector

Step 1

First, download the installer of the QB web connector

Step 2

Unzip the installer and then run the file *.EXE

Step 3

To complete the installation process follows the prompts

Important note: after the installation process, the windows necessary components get installed.


How can users uninstall the QB web connector?

Save the third-party file *.QWC before processing uninstalling procedure

Step 1

Select the window+R on your keyboard to run the window

Step 2

Click Ok and type in control to open the system control panel

Step 3

Select uninstall the system program

Step 4

Select the option web contractor and then select uninstall

Important note:

In case you failed to find web contractor option in system control panel then delete the file QBW folder in the locations: program files, Intuit, QuickBooks, C program files and common files folder.

How can users attach application through web connector?

Step 1

Select and click web connector and add the app

Step 2

Browse files *.QWC the third party application

Step 3

Select the file and open the file *.QWC

How to stop web connector to open when user try to open system?

If you are not utilizing the window web connector, users have the option to remove the program from the window startup menu to stop running whenever the system is opened, users must always remember removing the shortcut from the taskbar only disable the program app with the QuickBooks.

Step 1

Open the system startup folder in windows 8 and 10

  • Select windows+R to initiate the Run window process
  • Select startup and press Ok

In Windows 7

  • Select the window start option and select all programs
  • Select startup from the program list

Step 2

Click the QuickBooks web connector and then delete selected data

Step 3

When directed toward shortcut delete confirmation and select delete shortcut

Important note: at startup, there is no use of starting up a contractor and then copy and paste the created shortcut in the required location

QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number

QuickBooks web connector errors are commonly found errors in QuickBooks, their errors are wide ranges sometimes users got stuck in finding the actual technical error, to resolve QuickBooks users problem, Intuit has introduced its customers with their QuickBooks support.

QuickBooks customer care support provides you complete resolution specification steps for occurred errors, and further safety tips to avoid QuickBooks Errors and making QuickBooks a fun thing for you.

Dial our toll-free number and get our support at QuickBooks Error Support

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