QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014

QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014 | QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

While working with your QuickBooks you may come up with various types of functional issues termed as building cache error, here are some major errors that are linked with QuickBooks cache issues, and one of the major cache issues that users frequently come up with is QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014.

  • Some major related performance errors are mentioned below:
  • QuickBooks accounting software consuming more time to open the company files
  • In multi-user mode company files hangs up when the number of QB users signing into the company file

Important note: majorly the company file size increases when users open company files, it is not an error when company file goes largely

  • QuickBooks Company files work fast in morning depending on network and usually slows down as the day progress ahead
  • QuickBooks performance errors for users in the company
  • QuickBooks performance errors for some users in the company
  • Intermittent functionality errors some program function fast while other show performance issues
  • Same data errors in the multi-mode data files showing the network are developing errors in the data files

How to resolve QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014 | QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

You can Resolve Cache Error 1014 by following two procedures:

  • Automatic updates
  • Manual updates

Resolution 1

Use the QuickBooks QBW.ini files to adjust the quantity of cache to use

These suggested steps are capable when the complete application is adjusted on the server web hosting of your desktop, or also the QuickBooks Enterprise is adjusted on the R6 launcher or later.

Step 1

Select the computer server which hosts the company documents

Step 2

Select the QBW.ini file installed in the Intuit

Step 3

Click the QBW.ini file also add the [DBSERVEROPTIONS] portion with the selected value

Step 4

Save the company file

Step 5

Select the taking effect according to the .ini file setup and then turn off the hosting from the company file menu and also turn on the back

Step 6

If the server only install is available in your setup follow the available following steps

  • QBCFAvailable from the CMD file type enter the next stop QuickBooks DBXX
  • From the available CMD file type, stop net QBCF service monitor
  • From the file, CMD select the net start monitor service

Resolution 2

Change the cache manually for server settings only install server

Intuit QuickBooks suggests its users contact the IT experts in the editing registry windows to initiate the steps below.

Users can check the window the available cache status settings:

  • Open the command prompt that is configured with the multi-user host access for the available QuickBooks desktop details and then enter the HKLM \SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services\ QuickBooksDBxx \Parameters.
  • Check the numbers available after –ch and the –c, and as well as enterprise solutions working well with the given settings –c256M and –ch512M, the current settings are not modified then change the description
  • If users encounter, the type correctly following verification


Change the registry settings        

Step 1

Users can save all files, log out and work with QuickBooks Desktop users

Step 2

Stop the QB database services to open the available prompt command and then enter stop net QuickBooks DBXX and run it

Step 3        

The settings will be automatically restored in window registry and if needed correct there, the user must not try to precede procedure consult IT professional in making changes in the registry

Step 4

Key location where HKEY _ LOCAL _ MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Current Control Set \ Services \ QuickBooksDBxx \ Parameters.

And the currently available value may be like – n QB _ SERVER _ NAME  -qs  – gd ALL  -gk all – gp 4096 –  gu all – ch 256M – c 128M …

Step 5

Save the changes in the system

Step 6

Select the command prompt and then enter the QuickBooks DBxx net start for versions xx 24 20014 and 2015 versions

Step 7

Launch the QuickBooks desktop enterprise and open the QB company file. Before selecting any option user must ensure first QuickBooks is up to date in latest available version.

Get Instant Quickbooks Support on QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014

QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014

Our QuickBooks Support is always dedicated to giving you effectively and most authentic information to our customers, by following above mentioned steps you will be able to resolve QuickBooks Error Building Cache 1014 | QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise on your own. We provide our customers remote support for technical assistance in the proficient way to resolve errors in a shortest mean time.

In case you are unable to resolve Cache Error 1014, you can get access to our IT professionals available at our QuickBooks customer care support, where our advisors remain 24/7 busy to resolve your QuickBooks error at the best possible level, for further assistance dial our QuickBooks Customer Care Support Phone Number

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